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Trinity Springs

Natural springs across this region of Southern Indiana, became the sites for health spas in the early part of the century.  French Lick spring in West Baden survives today as a tourist destination spot.  Similar areas in Martin County, such as Trinity and Indian Springs, attracted visitors seeking rest and health from the healing properties of the natural waters.

The most popular of the Martin County sites, Trinity Springs, can still be found eight miles north of Shoals and a quarter of a mile from Harrisonville, in the Hoosier National Forest.  As the name suggests, Trinity is a group of three springs, with a water temperature of fifty seven and a half degrees year-round.  These well-known springs produce clear, sparkling water that is pleasant to drink compared to other springs, with the taste being only very slightly bitter.

In it’s heyday in the early 1900s, Trinity Springs, with its flowing sulphur water, was quite the tourist attraction.  The natural habitat kept people returning every summer to bathe in the medicinal, healing mineral waters.  At least seven hotels sprung up in Trinity over the course of its popularity.  Six trains a day took passengers to the Indian Springs, met by a horse-drawn bus at the prosperous railroad depot.  A new railroad route altered the course of history for the springs in Martin County, and over time the tourism faded away.  They are still bubbling away as part of the Hoosier National Forest today.