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The Pinnacle

Surely this is not Indiana – a couple hours drive from Indianapolis. The small winding road hugging the edge of the River it follows, framed by steep rock walls that could be out of the pages of Appalachia or Colorado, is the home of The Pinnacle Rock.

The front part of a massive sandstone formation The Pinnacle is a perpendicular descent of over two hundred feet. Astonishingly beautiful to view, humbling to stand beneath and surprisingly near-by in Shoals, Southern Indiana.
The erosion of the original sandstone formation that makes up The Pinnacle on one side left us with the Jug Rock monument on the other side.

House Rock, just down the road from The Pinnacle is part of this same sandstone formation that has melted away, moved and shifted on the foundation of the whole throughout the centuries.

McBride’s Bluffs and many other interesting ledges and bluffs along West River Road and through out much of Martin County surprise and delight area visitors. It is no wonder the area is referred to as the Smokey Mountains of Martin County.

Although pictures are enticing they in no way do justice to the magnitude of these formations. We invite you to come and see for yourself the splendor of these geological wonders in Martin County.